The perfect graduation gift for me was definitely a trip away with my two of my best friends. I was handed a travel itinerary over a casual dinner out. It took a while for me to get it as I couldn’t quite understand what I was looking at… LTN-AMT? Gosh, the burrito I was eating…

Soul Talk: Our Journey

    Written by an amazing young woman! I hope her journey inspires you. Source: Our Journey   To download scenery photography with inspirational quotes click here

Soul Talk: Where My Walls Came Down

Press Play   I’m still reeling from the amazing weekend away I had at Ashburnham Place. Here I was at a retreat with 50+ young adults, who all loved the lord, heard from the lord and were in hot pursuit of the lord. What was I to be worried about? I’m with kindred spirits. Let’s…

Travel Beauty Products I’m Taking Into 2016

Proverbs 31:30 Eeek~~! 2016 is literally just days away. The new year is a time to set new goals, try new things, walk new paths and explore, explore, explore. Who doesn’t like the sound of that? However, as much as I loo k at trends, especially beauty trends, I don’t tend to follow unless it’s…

Rio Tocantins Photobook // OVER

  On this day photographed  (October 2015) I wrote a short post on the emotions that were raging inside of me. I was experiencing the feelings of loss and helplessness. So I’m getting a bit personal today… Its easy to post the adventurous and fun side of travelling. But today i absolutley loathed the expanse between continents….

Rio Tocantins Photobook// IN

collection of photos from my first time at the river. I got to dive in and unleash my adventurous side whilst trying to swim against the pull of the current. It was AMAZING to spend time just relaxing and being big kids with some of the two people I love and cherish in this world.

Rio Tocantins Photobook// ON

ON-collection of photos from my second time at the river, where I got to explore the length of the river by boat, spotting a few ‘Botos’ (river dolphins) along the way.

Rio Tocantins PhotoBook Series//Intro

  If you follow me on instagram then you know this post is long overdue and  for that I am truly sorry. I kept going back and forth on how to present the awesome images whilst trying to relay my experience into text. I decided to make a photo book series and just let the…

My Brazilian Reunion

I am beyond excited to have been back in this gorgeous nation! The love story between this country and I began 3 years ago. SO for you to keep up with upcoming posts I will start from the beginning… In July 2012 I took a 21 hour  journey (thank You TAM airlines) to the state of…