Vietnamese Food In Prague

I would have never thought that I would eat Vietnamese food for the first time in Prague, and that I would pretty much be living on Pho and Chicken Wings for my duration here… I’m kidding… Sort of. After my first week in my work neighborhood in Dělnická , I had to ask my Boss…

Brunch At Café Savoy

Who doesn’t love brunch? It’s my favourite meal of the day, especially because it is such a cheat meal! It’s not breakfast. It’s not lunch. Its somewhere in between but you can somehow have it at 3pm in the afternoon. I love it. Prague is no exception when it comes to being spoilt for choice…

Self-Care: The apps I used in 2018

Self Care.
Simply having “treat yo self” days were not enough.
Sure, I had my brows did (tick), my skincare routine was religious (tick), I had designated days with friends (tick). But I needed to find a way to daily manage the dialogue and relationship I had with all the components that make up who I am. 

Soul Talk: Our Journey

    Written by an amazing young woman! I hope her journey inspires you. Source: Our Journey   To download scenery photography with inspirational quotes click here

Rio Tocantins Photobook// ON

ON-collection of photos from my second time at the river, where I got to explore the length of the river by boat, spotting a few ‘Botos’ (river dolphins) along the way.

Rio Tocantins PhotoBook Series//Intro

  If you follow me on instagram then you know this post is long overdue and  for that I am truly sorry. I kept going back and forth on how to present the awesome images whilst trying to relay my experience into text. I decided to make a photo book series and just let the…

My Brazilian Reunion

I am beyond excited to have been back in this gorgeous nation! The love story between this country and I began 3 years ago. SO for you to keep up with upcoming posts I will start from the beginning… In July 2012 I took a 21 hour  journey (thank You TAM airlines) to the state of…

Iwha Mural Village

As a culture and arts explorer by day, and food and entertainment seeker by night. This stop in my destination provides the right modern cultural experience away from the traditional past times, that taking a trip like this can bring. Like you know, sticking to the tourist flyer you picked up when you arrived at…

Chuncheon: Soyang Dam (소양댐) Soyangho Lake 소양호-춘천

“우리 인생 중 가장 찬란한 날들은 아직 지나가지 않았다고 생각하는 건 얼마나 기분 좋은 생각인가. What a wonderful thought it is that some of the best days of our lives haven’t happened yet.” The Plan. When a friend recommended to take us out of Seoul, I was more than excited. I hadn’t really paid attention to where we were…